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Denver, CO (Law Firm Newswire) April 30, 2012 – Most people think of alimony as the way in which men support their ex-wives after a divorce. Changes in the economy and job equality have changed the way people see alimony.

The new household breadwinner may be wearing the high heals in the family rather than pants. Women are achieving higher levels of power in corporations and starting more businesses. In fact, research firm GMI has charted 3 consecutive years of growth in the number of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

As women claim their piece of the economy and enjoy new levels of corporate success, their husbands are taking on many household and parenting roles. This is changing the way the courts award alimony.

If a successful woman and mother is primarily responsible for the financial livelihood of her family, and her husband has given up a number of years of his career, then her husband may be entitled to alimony in Colorado should the couple dissolve their marriage.

Denver divorce attorney, Bill Thode said, “We are definitely seeing more men in Colorado getting awarded spousal maintenance [alimony] in recent years.”

While more men are receiving spousal maintenance support from their ex-wives, women are generally awarded alimony more often than men.

Spousal maintenance is not something that is automatically awarded to an individual in a divorce. One party has to request it in order for it to be considered. A hearing is generally needed for a court to award the support to the petitioning party.

Denver divorce lawyer

Denver child custody lawyer, Bill Thode of the Thode Law Firm

“Spousal maintenance to either party is not mandatory. In many cases, especially when a child is not involved, an ex-spouse may want to sever all ties and not be dependent on their former partner.” Thode said.

Colorado is among a small handful of states that awards lifetime spousal maintenance in some cases. Just like the other provisions of Colorado’s alimony laws, lifetime spousal maintenance does not discriminate against gender.

As is the case with any divorce or custody matter, persons looking to receive or prevent spousal maintenance should see the advice of a licensed attorney. There are many guidelines and procedures to navigate during a dissolution.

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