Tampa Family Law Attorney Urges Parents to Enforce Divorce Agreement

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Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) May 28, 2012 – Once a Florida divorce is final, there is a binding legal agreement that both parties must live up to. That binding contract may include alimony, child support and a parenting plan that includes time sharing agreements.

Either party who refuses to abide by the agreement is likely to get dragged into court to explain why. That means payments have to be made on time both for alimony and for child support. It also means that both parents need to honor their time-sharing responsibilities and be respectful of the other co-parent’s time.

Sometimes when a parent with shared responsibility for raising the children cannot or will not live up to their end of the contract, it may become necessary to contact a family law attorney with experience in divorce contract enforcement.

“It is important to hold ex spouses to their end of a divorce agreement,” said Tampa family law attorney Joshua Law. “If the co-parent is allowed to let the rules slide on things like pick-up times and long weekends, then it is only a matter of time before they try to get by with late child support payments or checks that come up short.”

There is a tremendous amount of emotional stress that comes with divorce. They can take years and they can deplete resources and be emotionally draining. It is important for each co-parent to enter into the post-divorce timeline with a duty to live up to their end of the court’s order. This is the only thing, in many cases, that can bring peace to the divorcee’s world.

“When ex-spouses refuse to live up to the binding divorce agreements, it essentially drags the pain of the divorce itself out further than it ever had to go,” Law said. “Refusing to live up to the divorce agreement often is intended to hurt the other co-parent, but inevitably only hurts the children.”

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