Houston Immigration Lawyer Doubts Immigration Reform Will End Discrimination

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Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) June 22, 2012 –
If immigration reform dealt with real issues, other than legalities, discrimination would be front and center in the process.

“Immigration reform is necessary, but does not deal with many of the real underlying issues that affect immigrants every day, such as discrimination. White Americans are not asked where they came from or where they were born. However, those of any color are routinely asked, if not made to produce papers to prove they have a right to be in the U.S. Immigration reform needs to be less about a path to citizenship, than a foundation to stop the discrimination every immigrant faces today,” suggested Annie Banerjee, a Houston immigration lawyer.

An American is an American, no matter what color they happen to be, what religion they espouse, where they work, where they live or whether or not they go to church. In short, they are people, just like every other American across the nation. And yet, some are made to wear pink underwear in Maricopa county jail in Arizona. Some who are victims of sexual violence are not accorded the same care and courtesy because they are Hispanic. While examples abound, many wonder at the reason why this is so, and how can actions like this be justified.

“In short, the actions and attitude are justified by saying Obama’s agenda for immigration reform, specifically deportation in the millions, despite words to the contrary that immigrants are welcome, makes it so,” Banerjee pointed out. The burning question still remains however, and that is how can anyone justify stopping people based on the color of their skin? All of these actions and inactions are violating people’s civil rights, and yet no one moves to stop this outrage.

Even though immigration reform is long overdue, there exists considerable doubt as to whether it will do anything to address the rampant discrimination that fuels most of the debate and the drafting of legislation pertaining to it. “As one of the founding tenets of our Constitution, ignoring civil rights is a slippery slope to other abuses,” added Houston immigration lawyer Banerjee.

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