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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) July 6, 2012 – Regardless of where one has served or what branch of the military it was in, such honorable service to the country deserves the maximum amount of disability compensation available.

Filing a disability claim can be incredibly slow and grating on the nerves, as recently reported rampant cases of backlogs, delays and errors in California Veteran’s Affairs (VA), especially in Oakland, are showing.

“Sometimes, claims can be stuck in the system for years,” said Tampa veterans lawyer David W. Magann, PA, a Marine Corps veteran.” Receiving an initial decision on a case usually takes nearly 200 days and when it comes to appeals, a decision may not come for several hundred more.

Fortunately, there is recourse available to veterans. Effective as of June 20, 2007, Congressional legislation has allowed veterans to hire an attorney once a VA claim has been denied. Many vets have taken advantage of this legislation.

Hiring an actual attorney will often bring a better result to a veteran, rather than using an overwhelmed NSO or VSO network, which often are too connected to the VA to make sure the vet gets the largest amount of benefits. “Although Vets are not required to hire an attorney,” Magann said, “the fact remains that an experienced lawyer can mean the difference between getting the disability compensation rating that you deserve and receive either insufficient compensation or no compensation at all.”

Filing a claim without help and without the proper documentation can slow an already bogged-down process. Medical evidence must be strong enough to show the VA that a current condition is a result of an event that took place during service. Without that, there will be no benefits awarded.

A lawyer can handle all the necessary information and paperwork, amass required necessary medical and services records and file an appeal. The lawyer can also take care of contact with the VA, take part in hearings and provide representation during the whole process.

Magann is a Marine Corps Veteran who earned his law degree at the University of Miami. He also has a criminology degree from the University of South Florida.

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