Wicked Multiple Wreck Shuts Down Roadway in Both Directions Reports Austin Personal Injury Lawyer

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) July 26, 2012 – Hit and run drivers leave behind terror and havoc. This case clearly points that out.

“I’ve seen and heard about a lot of ugly accidents during the course of practicing personal injury law in Austin,” said Bobby Lee, a personal injury attorney of Lee, Gober and Reyna in Austin, Texas, “and this case is no exception – a hit and run driver that caused two back-to-back accidents on a busy highway, shutting it down in both directions while the accident scene was cleaned up.”

From eyewitness reports, a hit and run driver first rammed into a delivery truck, causing it to veer across several lanes of traffic and slam into a guardrail on the other side of the highway. The driver of the hit and run vehicle also hit another car, driving it into the guardrail as well. “In piecing together the events that led up to the chain reaction wreck, police discovered that after the delivery truck hit the guardrail, a tractor-trailer and another car had to take evasive action to avoid the delivery truck. While they succeeded in doing that, they hit one another instead,” Lee explained.

The debris from the wreck was strewn across both lanes of the highway, but the police were just thankful that no one was hurt too badly, but there was extensive damage to all vehicles involved. Based on what other motorists were able to tell police, they were able to put together a description of the hit and run vehicle as being a silver or white Suzuki XL7. Their next step would be to try and track down the driver.

“In accidents like this it is always hit and miss as to whether those involved would suffer silent injuries, such as whiplash, that may present themselves later, or sustain internal injuries that would not make themselves known until a few days later, once the shock wore off. This is why it is vitally important to speak to a personal injury lawyer and find out where you stand legally. The first meeting is free and should things progress from there, that would be your choice,” Lee added.

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