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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) August 17, 2012 – Lawyers who want to harness the power of the mobile web to grow their practices need to pick up the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys. The August magazine addresses a growing trend where people are using mobile devices to access the web, even when they are in close proximity to their laptop or desktop. The article outlines easy ways for law firms to ensure their mobile website provides a great experience for all users.


“Attorneys do not want to miss out on a growing segment of potential clients who may be viewing their site with a mobile device,” said Bigger Law Firm staff writer Kristen Friend. “Having a mobile friendly website does offer advantages. Your firm’s ability to utilize those benefits depends on how well you understand and address your target clients’ needs.”

Bigger Law Firm also talks to Tom Mighell, the author of iPad in One Hour for Laywers, who continues on the mobile theme and discusses the use of Apple’s iPad to not just consume information but create it. “What makes the iPad really beneficial for lawyers is that a number of apps have come out that allow lawyers to go to trial, take and review depositions and present evidence at trial through their iPad,” says Mighell. In the interview, Mighell reviews several of his favorite apps that have been developed specifically for the legal space.

Those inspired by Mighell’s interview might take the conversation one step further and decide to create their own app to allow their law firm to easily share information with clients and prospects. Bigger Law Firm addresses this issue in an article that explores the pros and cons of creating a custom app as another way for attorneys to reach people and educate them on their business and further establish themselves as experts in the field.

The legal magazine also covers an underutilized yet powerful tool used to communicate with clients, market your business and generate leads: podcasts. According to the article, there are currently 250,000 available podcasts in a network of at least 225 million users, which means there are 900 users for every one podcast. A well-done podcast gives more bang for the buck than search engine optimization or social media, so check out this article for a comprehensive guide on how to create a podcast.

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