The Hale Law Firm Makes Suggestions On Talking With Elderly Parents About The Need For Care

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Waxahachie, TX (Law Firm Newswire) September 16, 2013 – Good communication is essential when talking with elderly parents about the need for care.

As parents age, they may need additional care, whether it is help with daily tasks at home, a home health aide, or the kind of care provided in an assisted living facility. However, elders can be resistant to talking about the need for care. According to a prominent elder law attorney, good communication is the key to these difficult, but necessary conversations.

“Older people may not want to talk about the need for additional care, and their adult children may not know how to talk with them about it,” said John Hale, a Texas elder law attorney. “When talking about these difficult subjects, it is important to be aware of how you are communicating.”

One of the most important things to keep in mind, said Hale, is to choose an appropriate time to have such a conversation, when there are not too many other distractions and everyone has time to listen to their parents’ concerns. Simply listening is one of the most effective and underused communication tools. When elders are listened too, they feel respected and are more comfortable talking about a difficult subject. And it is important for adult children to understand their parents’ needs and preferences related to care. Adult children tend to think they know what action should be taken in a given situation, but there may be aspects that they have not considered and that they can gain perspective on by listening.

It is also important to be direct, says Hale. Talking about growing older and becoming less independent is a topic that many people would like to avoid, but when a situation needs to be dealt with, it can be helpful to clear the air and speak directly. However, it is also good to know when to back off and let a matter rest for a while. After the subject of the need for additional care has been raised, elders may need time to mull things over on their own before a decision can be made.

“If you take care to communicate clearly and respectfully, then talking to elderly parents about the need for additional care need not be difficult,” said Hale.

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