In Evaluating Nursing Home Care, Focus On Critical Issues, Says Attorney With The Hale Law Firm

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Waxahachie, TX (Law Firm Newswire) October 25, 2013 – Quality of care is important in a skilled nursing facility.

When evaluating the care your loved one receives in a nursing home, it is important to focus on the most significant issues rather than the little things, said a prominent elder law attorney.

“When an elderly parent or other family member is a resident at a skilled nursing facility, of course you want to make sure that they are receiving top quality care,” said John Hale, of The Hale Law Firm. “The issues that matter in that regard are clinical care, safety and hygiene.”

Hale said that family members sometimes focus on smaller issues that are not really important, such as what a loved one is wearing or how their hair is styled.

“There are going to be small changes in a person’s life when they move into a nursing home,” said Hale. “The person may dress more casually or participate in playful activities. If they are happy and comfortable, then these changes are nothing to worry about.”

What does matter, said Hale, is a loved one’s health and safety. When visiting a family member in a nursing facility, it is important to take note of any problems with the clinical care they are receiving. This may include deviations from doctor’s orders or violations of medication protocols. If a resident needs help eating, then they should receive it. Residents should not be left in bed all day. Any such problems should be brought to the attention of a director or administrator.

Safety issues are also a top concern. Problems such as an unattended medication cart, an unsecured door, or potentially harmful objects accessible to residents are all issues that should be addressed by a director or administrator. Personal hygiene also needs to be attended to. Bedding and clothes should be kept clean at all times, and residents should be provided with regular showers.

Evaluating a loved one’s care at a nursing facility is important, and should involve focusing on the issues that are most important for health and safety.

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