Ohio University Professor Suspended In Aftermath Of Sexual Harassment Allegations Outlines Chicago Employment Lawyer

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Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) October 10, 2013 – A tenured law professor was suspended in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

“The professor accused of sexually harassing several woman has filed a discrimination lawsuit against his employer,” indicated Timothy Coffey, a Chicago employment lawyer and principal attorney for The Coffey Law Office, P. C., an employment litigation firm dedicated to representing employees in the workplace.

The suspended professor, Vernon Traster, alleges the university breached their contract with him, committed age and sexual discrimination in his firing and acted in an inappropriate manner in firing him due to his high paying position. He sought compensatory damages, reinstatement to his job and back pay in the amount of $75,000. The university suggested they suspended Traster because he is a risk to students and staff at the institution, pointing out he allegedly sexually harassed a student while that individual was at his home and attempted the same thing with a staff member in her home.

“The man is 65-years-old and has been working for the university for over 36 years. In the wake of these allegations, he was placed on unpaid suspension. Officials suggested he be fired, but that decision remains in the purview of the board of trustees,” explained Coffey. The professor stated his suspension drastically affects his financial situation and may result in him filing for bankruptcy.

Evidence filed in court documents shows that a law student stated Traster made inappropriate sexual comments to her, touched her while she was working at his home on school-related matters and asked her questions of a sexual nature. The staff member who also filed a complaint, said he called her, asking if he could stop by her home to talk about his divorce proceedings.

He arrived on her doorstep with alcohol and attempted to touch and kiss the woman, while detailing what type of sexual activity he would like to engage in with her. She was forced to call a friend for help. Traster subsequently asked the same woman out after the incident in her home.

“The two lawsuits are worth watching as they make their way through the courts,” said Coffey, “ as they represent very diverse points of view. One claiming sexual harassment of an egregious nature committed by a person in authority over a student and the other, filed by the defendant, claiming he was discriminated against. The weight of evidence in the sexual harassment lawsuit will be the telling point when it comes to a judgment.”

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