Custom Legal Marketing Offers New Experience for Midsize and Large Law Firms

Custom Legal Marketing, An Adviatech Company



They call it the first class cabin of law firm marketing: the new Custom Legal Marketing brand from Adviatech promises a new experience from a not-so-new company.


Custom Legal Marketing, An Adviatech Company

Custom Legal Marketing, An Adviatech Company

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) March 4, 2014 – Last year, Google’s Panda and Penguin updates forced many law firms to stop focusing solely on links and rankings for search engine marketing. Under Google’s changes, law firms have begun to see search engine strategies from a public relations and content perspective.

It is no longer enough to be page-one-rank-one for generic keywords. People are searching conversationally with Google Now and Siri, and success is now based on strong positions for a variety of detailed (long tail) keyphrases. At the same time, content amplification and social advertising opportunities are becoming more and more crucial.

Two years ago, the now nine-year-old online marketing pioneer Adviatech Corp., began development on a larger, bolder version of its successful SEO | Law Firm – Legal Marketing brand. Now, that service — Custom Legal Marketing — is ready to take action.

SEO | Law Firm serves a client base equally divided between small and large firms. But as Adviatech gained more large and midsize law clients, the company realized that, to succeed, many such firms required extra attention and personally tailored strategies that their smaller counterparts did not. Fortunately, Adviatech excels in serving its more detailed-oriented clientele. As such, the company developed the Custom Legal Marketing platform specifically for their needs and their wants.

Adviatech co-founder, Jason Bland, who originated the concept in 2011, believes that the biggest difference between Custom Legal Marketing and other online law firm marketing companies is that Adviatech builds its business model around traditional, client-first ideals.

“We are launching CLM in a few select cities — in the San Francisco Bay Area, in some major cities in the Midwest and in Florida, where we already have a strong presence — because the center of the plan is personal attention. We want to put our entire team in your office and get everybody talking to your partners and marketing personnel, so that you know your CLM team and we know you,” said Bland.

These new marketing plans, which start at $5,000/month, also include at least one valuable feature not offered by competitors: focus groups.

Interested in joining a focus group? Register now and get paid for your feedback.

The company has a database of verified individuals who have hired lawyers across a variety of practice areas. When rebranding or designing a new website, CLM deploys its focus groups to guide the process. CLM tracks how a focus group responds to proposed designs and responds to its feedback. A family law attorney’s brand, for example, would be based on complete input from people who have already worked with an attorney regarding a divorce, custody or other family law matter.

Focus group participants are compensated. They must reside in the United States and have hired an American attorney at some point during the last 10 years. Court documents or billing statements must be provided to verify that they had an attorney-client relationship in the area of practice they are critiquing.

“You are not advertising to other lawyers. You are not advertising to designers and branding experts. You are reaching out to real people that need your services. While your CLM designers are going to base their proposed designs on statistical data gathered from other law firms within Adviatech’s portfolio, what ultimately matters is not what you think or what we think. It’s what your target market thinks. You reach out to them and make a strong connection, and you will have a successful marketing plan,” said Bland.

Lawyers in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and surrounding areas can set up a meeting with a Custom Legal Marketing account manager. Similarly, law firms in supported cities in Florida may contact the company to set up an appointment.

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An initial CLM consultation comes with some unusual rules and assurances. A CLM account manager will not give a sales presentation or attempt to get a firm signed up right away; the initial meeting is strictly about learning. Since each plan is custom-made to achieve the goals of the particular law firm and the market(s) it represents, the initial meeting is intended to help an account manager build the best plan to propose during the second meeting. Also, as the CLM website states, “Your money is no good here.” If a lawyer meets an account manager for coffee or lunch, he or she cannot pay. CLM’s policy prohibits account managers from letting prospective or existing clients pay for lunch meetings or coffee meetups.

To make an appointment, visit or call 1.800.789.6451.

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