Mark Gilfix to Speak on Estate Planning Strategies at 13th Annual Autism Conference

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Palo Alto, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 15, 2014 – Mark Gilfix will be a featured speaker at the Morgan Center 13th Annual Autism Conference in Campbell, California on September 20, 2014.

Gilfix, a special needs planning attorney, will present a session entitled “Creating a Life Estate in Your Home for Your Grown Disabled Child, and Other Estate Planning Techniques to Consider.” He is also a featured speaker on a panel addressing housing issues faced by people with autism and their families.

The Morgan Center 13th Annual Autism Conference is a day-long event for families and caregivers of people on the autism spectrum. The day covers a range of topics from treatment strategies to emerging science, and the conference includes a number of sessions on practical strategies for obtaining support and medical care over an autistic individual’s lifetime.

As a panelist, Gilfix joins a number of leading researchers, medical doctors, therapists, social service experts and lawyers with overlapping fields of expertise who serve the needs of people with autism and their families.

The Morgan Center is the Bay Area’s leading provider of educational services for people with autism, offering programs and assistance for those on the autism spectrum from age three through adulthood. Some of its major programs include its school partnerships in more than 20 Bay Area school districts and its adult program licensed by the California Department of Social Services.

Mark Gilfix is an estate planning and special needs planning attorney with Gilfix and La Poll Associates in Palo Alto. He particularly focuses on helping families of special needs individuals navigate legal challenges and plan for the future.