Impaired Driving Can Involve Low Blood Sugar

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) October 22, 2014 – A recent wrongful death case in New Jersey revealed that impaired driving does not always involve driving while under the influence of alcohol.

“Daniel Everett, the professional truck driver involved, was driving while impaired, but not because he was drunk. His erratic blood sugar levels made him drive in a similarly erratic manner. His 80,000-pound truck pushed a car off the road into a lake, and its driver drowned,” outlined Austin injury lawyer, Bobby Lee. 

Everett was also involved in two other accidents earlier that day.

The truck driver first rear-ended a car stopped at a light. Although the driver was not injured, the vehicle was severely damaged. The second collision involved three vehicles. Everett struck one vehicle as it slowed down in front of him, and the impact shoved the car into a third vehicle. For this accident, the trucker received a careless driving summons. Immediately after leaving the scene of that crash, he drove over a lawn, damaging the property.

Eyewitnesses then observed the same truck driving rapidly and erratically later in the day. Everett rear-ended another car, sending it into a lake, where the truck pinned the vehicle down. It was two hours before first responders were able to remove the car, and the body inside, from the water.

The day after he was arrested, Everett had no recollection of any of the accidents in which he was involved. A week before, he had been diagnosed with diabetes. His blood sugar was completely out of control on the day he was involved in three accidents and one fatal drowning. Everett faces one charge of second-degree death by auto and other citations.“Everett was not able to control his vehicle because he had no control over himself that day,” Lee added. 

Toxicology reports indicated that the trucker had no alcohol or drugs in his system at the times of the accidents. Despite the fact he was experiencing a medical emergency during the collisions, he may still face up to ten years in prison if convicted.

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