Bigger Law Firm Exposes the New Secrets to Higher Google Rankings through Links for Law Firms

Hitting the Links



Hitting the Links

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) December 30, 2014 – Many law firms spend a fortune on digital advertising and are still left wondering why competitors are at the top of the search rankings. In the feature interview for the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine, founder Jason Bland explains the crucial, yet little-understood, topic at the heart of the issue: link building.

“Every law firm looking to grow needs to have a basic understanding of this topic, because it is at the core of how Google ranks websites,” said Bland. “The problem is that link building sounds like something a programmer should do. It isn’t. Blogging is link building. Podcasting is link building. Every law firm with a website needs at least a basic link management strategy.”

In the interview, Bland explains that links are the one constant factor in Google’s search algorithm.

In the past, some legal marketing companies sought to game the system by purchasing large quantities of low-quality links for their clients. However, as Bland explains, Google has now caught up with those techniques, and the search engine is now giving ultra-low rankings to websites that have a high proportion of low-quality links.

High-quality links are the name of the game, says Bland. In the interview, he gives examples of law firms that successfully use high-quality link building techniques to achieve top rankings — with no technical knowledge required.

“Today, a firm that can create content with intelligence and creativity can go far without even needing paid advertisements,” noted Bland. “It’s no longer about noise and quantity. I think the new system is a relief to many quality-focused law firms that could not understand why competitors were dominating the search rankings.”

Every law firm with a website has a link profile that is visible to Google. That profile might be devoid of links, it might be filled with high-quality links or it might be filled with low-quality links. Bland advises firms to get a basic understanding of their link profile, and then to use the techniques mentioned in the interview to begin raising their link profile and, as a result, search rankings.

“Simply put, this is a topic that cannot be ignored,” said Bland. “I hope this interview helps demystify the topic and helps law firms understand how easy it is to get their websites moving in the right direction.”

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