Bigger Law Firm Magazine Brings Readers Into Its Founder’s Office to Demystify the Future of Link Building

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The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) December 12, 2014 – In this issue of BLF, SEO experts help law firms balance their growth online — both through effective promotion and through the implementation of solutions that improve work directly at the firm. Forward-thinking internet services offer some fantastic options, but attorneys must always pay special attention to the security of any decision. With careful choices, lawyers can protect clients’ sensitive data while nurturing organic growth online.

Sometimes, it’s OK to talk to yourself. In this issue’s feature, “Hitting the Links,” Cari Cymanski sits down with Adviatech and Bigger Law Firm Magazine co-founder Jason Bland to talk about the link-building strategies that have made his brands (and the firms they represent) successful over the past decade. Bland advises focusing on quality and encouraging organic, human responses: if firms create interesting material, engage with their communities and build natural links consciously and wisely, they’ll see results in their rankings. In the full interview, readers can find approachable, actionable ways to get started.

If your firm is “Looking for a Publishing Power Boost,” LinkedIn may soon offer you a new opportunity. Currently, only a select number of Influencers can publish long-form posts on the site, but LinkedIn is testing expansions that will allow everyone a voice. Kerrie Spencer offers strategies to maximize the opportunity.

High-profile data security breaches have plagued some of the country’s most powerful companies in recent years, and the damage has helped create widespread demand for security in every industry. James Ambroff-Tahan presents a compelling option in “Client Portals,” which can simultaneously protect sensitive client material and enhance project management efforts at your firm.

“Would You Be Covered?” Christopher Kazor asks. In this issue’s “Law + Ethics,” Kazor paints a frightening picture of the emotional, financial and functional impact of a data security breach at a law firm. Insure your business to ensure your preparedness, should disaster strike.

As more and more offices go paperless, Brendan Conley helps lawyers learn to “Save Time by Signing Digitally.” E-signatures are now backed by substantial laws across the country, and a number of well-protected, secure platforms are in use. However, firms will always need vigilance and care to move sensitive documents online.

MailChimp recently introduced a new set of automated marketing tools, allowing attorneys to reach prospective, current, and past clients in more intelligent, effective ways. As Alisha Corbitt outlines in “MailChimp + Marketing,” automation tools, triggers and workflows allow lawyers to time messages precisely, connect with new clients and analyze all their new progress succinctly.

BLF weighs in on the net neutrality debate in “Internet Express Lanes: Who Pays the Toll?” Justin Torres offers readers a clear, unbiased primer into the national conflict and the arguments on both sides.

In September, Google was granted a new patent that could allow its search algorithms to incorporate information from your local TV schedule and viewing habits into results. Considering that Google Now can already listen to your TV, at your request, and deliver relevant Cards about what it “hears,” it’s exciting to speculate how the new patent’s development could shape “The Future of Search.” Cara Tucker explores some of the possibilities.

Download Hitting the Links FREE!

Download Hitting the Links FREE!

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