BU Researchers Find High Unemployment Rate Among Veterans with TBI, Urge Comprehensive Care

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Northville, MI (Law Firm Newswire) December 19, 2014 – Researchers at Boston University have published a new study exploring the links between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and unemployment.

The researchers found that 45 percent of the 300,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans diagnosed with TBI were unemployed. That rate far exceeds both the national unemployment rate and the general unemployment rate among veterans.

“This study makes it clear that we need to work harder to ensure that every veteran with TBI gets proper treatment and support,” said Jim Fausone, a veterans disability attorney. “TBI causes a range of physical and psychological symptoms that can make it hard to function in everyday life.”

The study revealed that veterans with moderate to severe TBI run a much higher risk of unemployment. In addition to impairing cognitive function, moderate or severe TBI may aggravate other conditions that increase unemployment, including anxiety and substance abuse. Veterans with mild TBI have the same unemployment rate as veterans without TBI.

According to the study, TBI patients need comprehensive treatment that addresses not only the brain injury, but also other psychological and physical conditions that have been caused or made worse by TBI.

The Veterans Administration (VA) recently announced plans to further a pilot program designed to rehabilitate veterans with moderate to severe TBI. The program allows veterans with moderate to severe TBI to receive care and training in a residential setting. Currently, more than 20 facilities across the country participate, but VA has called for more facilities to apply to become part of the program.

“Hopefully, VA will take notice of this study and continue to expand comprehensive care resources for TBI sufferers,” said Fausone. “Otherwise, we will likely see unemployment figures for veteran TBI sufferers continue to rise.”

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