Custom Legal Marketing Offers Law Firms Huge Savings on CLM Flagship Law Firm Marketing Plans

CLM Flagship is Custom Legal Marketing's most advanced marketing strategy.



CLM Flagship is Custom Legal Marketing's most advanced marketing strategy.

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) December 18, 2014 – Custom Legal Marketing (CLM) today announced that through January 1, 2015, it will offer its CLM Flagship custom marketing plan to law firms for just $3500 a month. This offering saves law firms 30% or more on CLM’s premier legal marketing product.

CLM’s Flagship is built to deliver large-scale growth in quality lead flow for law firms, using a radically new approach to digital marketing.

“CLM knows that efficiency and growth are extremely important to law firms, and this special Flagship offer helps them achieve both,” says Jason Bland, CLM founder. “Now, law firms can take advantage of the bold, integrated marketing campaigns that CLM offers through Flagship at temporarily reduced price.”

New CLM clients get a free custom app this Holiday Season Sign up before January 1, 2015.

Over the past year, Google has proactively devalued millions of website, including law firm websites, that use outdated techniques and questionable tactics to rank higher in search results. The elite legal marketing team at CLM has developed a completely different model for online legal marketing, launching award-winning websites, compelling mobile apps and creative comprehensive marketing plans that attract media attention, earn natural links, and create massive exposure.

Since entering the legal marketing arena nine years ago, CLM’s parent company, Adviatech has developed a reputation as a legal marketing powerhouse. The company has gained national attention as honorees of the Webby Awards, the Hermes Creative Awards, the Horizon Media Awards, Interactive Media Awards, WebAwards, and more.

The Flagship program represents the best that CLM has to offer, and has already been adopted by many law firms across the country.

“I would tell law firms thinking about growth in 2015 to jump on the opportunity before their competitors do,” says Bland. “We have a passion for helping law firms dominate their market. CLM Flagship is an exclusive product meaning we commit to just one law firm per practice area per region.”

CLM Flagship Ad as seen in Bigger Law Firm magazine

CLM Flagship Ad as seen in Bigger Law Firm magazine

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