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The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) December 18, 2014 – Featured in the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm (BLF) magazine is a series of seriously helpful articles to help a busy law firm grab hold of new and promising developments.

Find out how a law firm can maximize its exposure by using LinkedIn’s newest and very powerful free blogging platform. Kerrie Spencer explores the useful long-form post and how it becomes a part of a law firm’s profile.

Launched in early 2014, the new platform is an ideal way to help build authority in a legal niche, such as medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, employment law or criminal defense. Diligent work can pay off handsomely in new clients, as LinkedIn’s blogging platform reaches over 277 million professional members.

When attorneys publish a long-form post, it becomes an integral part of their profile, showcased at the top of a firm or attorney profile and shared with connections and followers. Posts are searchable on and off the service. Due to the location of the post, authorship is crystal clear. Attorneys can use this platform to create high-quality, relevant posts that extend their media reach.

The audience on LinkedIn is different than those of other social networks, due to the emphasis on professional members. As such LinkedIn authors should use posts to capture the attention of a specific audience, educate and inform — not sell services.

To write a long-form post, LinkedIn suggests a word count between 400 and 600 words on an average of once a week. Write in short paragraphs and use headlines and lists to break up text. Put important content in boldface, and consider adding videos or picture. If a post has punch, the comments it garners tend to bring a law firm even more visibility. Analytics reveal the success or failure of each blog posted – a valuable tool for law firms to fine-tune their online marketing.

Sharing posts from the LinkedIn platform is yet another way for attorneys to increase their exposure.

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