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google_tv_blf_magazineTampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) January 15, 2015 – In the newest issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine, writer Cara Tucker explains Google TV Rank and how it impacts search rankings in her article, “The Future of Search.”

As Tucker reports, Google TV Rank is emblematic of the new, post-keyword era of search. The technology is one example of how Google is using the offline behavior of individuals to inform the search results that it returns.

“Lawyers need to understand that search has changed, radically,” comments Jason Bland, Bigger Law Firm founder. “Google is pushing far beyond keywords and text-only searches, and that has a significant impact on the way law firms should approach their websites and online campaigns.”

Google TV Rank works in a fairly straightforward way. Google users can allow their Android mobile devices to listen to and identify what is playing on the television. Google then uses that information to inform future search results. In the article, Tucker gives the example of a user who might be watching a program featuring a specific model of Porsche. The next time that user searches for the word Porsche, Google might be more likely to return at least one result about the model featured on the television program.

Tucker points out that Google TV Rank is similar to other technologies Google already uses to sync offline experiences with the online world. For example, Google takes a user’s geographic location into account when returning results, and already delivers relevant weather notifications and sports scores to users it has determined might be interested.

In the article, Tucker examines these and other technologies that paint a picture of where Google is headed with search.

“I see so many law firms who hope that they can get online exposure by loading their websites with keywords and phrases,” says Bland. “The truth is that with these new technologies, it is already much easier for intelligent and creative law firms to come out on top. I am excited about that.”

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