Dump Truck in Middle of Highway Causes Fatal Collision

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Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) February 12, 2015 – Amanda Zornes apparently did not have time to hit her brakes before running into the backside of a flatbed truck and trailer unit slowing down on I-77.

“The dump truck on I-77 was slowing down, but it appears that Amanda Zornes did not see that in time to apply her brakes,” indicates Daren Monroe, a representative for Litigation Funding Corporation, Michigan. “She ran into the backside end of the tractor-trailer flatbed the truck was hauling. She was doing the speed limit, which was 60 mph.”

Zornes was trapped in the car after she hit the leading back edge of the unit and required emergency responders to cut her out. Although she made it to the hospital alive, Zornes died later due to her injuries. She left behind two young children. The police are not sure what happened just prior to the accident, and plan to determine how she missed noticing that the truck was slowing down to about 5 mph, instead of doing the posted limit. There were no skid marks at the scene.

Zornes’ father filed a wrongful death lawsuit (Kanawha Circuit Court case number: 14-C-1948) alleging the dangerous conditions on the road, with the dump truck impeding traffic, caused the accident that took his daughter’s life. The suit seeks general and special damages, punitive and compensatory damages, and further alleges negligence and gross negligence.

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