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San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) August 4, 2015 – Finding an attorney online with the assistance of a legal app is not new. However, new additions to the market are increasing competition, particularly in the mobile app niche.

Information technology is not a term solely related to software engineers, app developers or search engine optimization. These days, mobile technology has become a companion to, and in some cases almost replaced, the conventional tower for online searches. EmPower is one such application that may appeal to online users wanting to find an attorney quickly.

Online searching for everything from best tire prices to criminal attorneys is increasingly being done with smartphones or other mobile technology. This is important news because Google is now showing apps in mobile search results, and Google App Indexing provides a new vista for marketing law firms. The Index already contains 30 billion links, and when accessed by someone looking for legal information, the searcher receives related apps in the results.

Since install buttons appear beside the apps in the search results, with one click searchers will be sent to the Google Play store where they can download the app to their smartphone or other mobile device. This allows for immediate access to information, which can be especially helpful when a legal issue arises and someone needs an attorney right away.

EmPower, a new player in the app market from U.S.-based Encore Digital Media, LLC., includes an attorney search platform based on name, location and practice areas, and offers a full digital directory with lawyers’ website, office, biography and name. Directions to the attorney’s office are provided with an interactive mapping feature. All attorney biographies are available, and the app offers the option to call or directly email attorneys.

Are attorney locator apps worthwhile? Google is continuing to adjust search results to fit user needs, and law firms should be actively seeking ways to proactively stay in front of the most online viewers possible.

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