Website as a Service or WaaS will Power Law Firm Websites in the Future




San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) August 20, 2015 – Get a glimpse of the future of search engine optimization services by looking at the concept of WaaS — website as a service.

The tech industry is always evolving, and it comes as no surprise that the latest spin on the concept of SaaS (software as a service) is likely to apply the success of that model to web design. Savvy law firms will want to get out ahead of this new development.

Until recently, the software used to run computers was generally a one-time purchase per version, with a new edition of the product coming out every two or three years. However, because technology changes and those changes spread so rapidly in the age of the internet, in order for software to function optimally, it became necessary to update it much more frequently. That prompted the software developers to create the SaaS model, in which customers subscribe to software rather than buying it outright, as a way to best keep their clients’ computers current and meet their changing needs.

As Cloud computing progressed, the next evolution in SaaS was a variety of Cloud-based applications and more monthly fees associated with those services. Modern software users now routinely pay a fee every month for access to all of their — regularly updated — software. SaaS may not be ideal for everyone, but is a good solution for many businesses.

And now another implementation of this model is slowly coming into its own: website as a service (WaaS). Lawyers need to know about WaaS because it is part of a dynamic marketing process that is relevant to clients and potential clients. Law firm websites must be continuously monitored, updated on the fly and must reflect changes in the market, legislative reforms, demographics and competition. The typical cycle of redesigning websites every so often is time consuming and costly. WaaS may be the cutting edge solution for keeping content, design and back-end framework up to date. It also provides the flexibility to sync with new devices.

WaaS is not here yet, but it may be available in five to six years. In the meantime, law firms can budget for monthly website updates and be ready for WaaS when it arrives. Updating every month keeps an attorney’s site fresh and current. Static web design can’t keep up with the pace of cyberspace. Websites need to evolve to market demands.

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