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Interactive Content Featured in Latest Bigger Law Firm Magazine



Interactive Content Featured in Latest Bigger Law Firm Magazine

Interactive Content Featured in Latest Bigger Law Firm Magazine

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 30, 2015 – The Bigger Law Firm magazine discusses in its latest issue ways in which law firms can integrate interactive features to enhance their website and ultimately convert more clients.

A website’s interaction with site visitors is a key component to ensuring a higher conversion rate of visitor to client due to the interactive content’s ability to convey more information more effectively. Although many websites have interactive components integrated into their site, many law firms’ websites do not. A website may have a contact form or the ability to comment on a blog post, but while useful, these are basic features.

One can amp up law firm websites by using more advanced forms of interactivity, such as integrating features like quizzes that act as educational tools to teach users about the area of law in which they are interested. Another feature could be a form that allows potential clients to ask for a case assessment that lets them explain their case to an attorney and get an idea of what legal options they may have to pursue.

Polls and surveys are also valuable tools to gauge how effective a law firms’ website may be, as it provides the chance for a reader to answer questions relating to usability and clarity of information quickly and anonymously. The results often help an attorney fine tune his or her site and begin to offer more information in areas that are trending. The beauty of polls and surveys is they provide instant feedback.

Transforming text into visual interactive content is another way to engage website visitors. For example, a legal concept can be illustrated into a series of slides. Roughly 65 percent of people are visual learners, and thus law firms need to cater to those who learn by seeing, not just reading, although the visual aid may include voice and text as well. If the visual aid is simple but powerful and creatively presented, most people are more likely to understand the material and not only share it, but convert.

What once took hours, highly skilled computer programmers and a large budget has become easier to access thanks to the advent of user-friendly and easily accessible content creation tools. Before signing up for any form of interactive content tools, one should know precisely what is needed for each website under consideration for an upgrade. One should start small and test to see what works on each website and be ready to expand law firm website interactivity to keep ahead of the curve.

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