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San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 24, 2015 – The most recent issue of The Bigger Law Firm magazine (BLF) concentrates on how to master the art of storytelling and storymaking in order to establish connections with one’s future clients. Dipal Parmar describes the value of relating a narrative that is authentic, consistent and memorable, and that will help create a brand for one’s firm.

In addition, she discusses the importance of setting the correct tone in one’s story to elicit a certain response from the readers of one’s blog posts, photos and videos on social media that a law firm may use as part of its marketing strategy. Parmar also directs attention to the process of storymaking, which involves using information collected from the audience, including testimonials, reviews and Tweets, and then redistributing the content.

BLF founder Jason Bland explains that, in contrast to what one might expect, brief content could have a higher rank on Google than a longer article of the same topic because the shorter content may offer more value. He also provides examples of “thin content,” or various kinds of content that offer little value to users.

Ryan Conley highlights the advantages of including interactive features on one’s website so as to learn more about one’s readers and to inform them of latest developments via the use of quizzes, polls, surveys and blogs that permit them to post comments.

Brendan Conley shares the significance of performing a search engine optimization (SEO) audit of one’s website in order to determine whether any changes need to be implemented that will improve one’s rankings in search engines.

Alisha Corbitt illustrates the efficiency of EagleEye Agreement Checker to assist attorneys in drafting contracts that are far more accurate than traditional methods of writing contracts.
Justin Torres offers insight into the use of vector graphics in web design as a way of strengthening a website’s performance, including load time.

Kerrie Spencer describes a product called Litéra Smartsend, which helps preserve the security and confidentiality of lawyers’ emails.

Ryan Conley discusses the various social networking websites and the ways in which one can use them to build and maintain professional relationships.

Tyler Rhodes clarifies the meaning of backlinks, and stresses the value of quality over quantity in building links on attorney websites.

Download Storytelling & Storymaking - The Bigger Law Firm Magazine

Download Storytelling & Storymaking – The Bigger Law Firm Magazine

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