Orton Heath Law Firm PLLC Announces Launch of New Website




Orton Heath Law Firm

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) November 18, 2015 – Orton Heath Law Firm PLLC is pleased to announce the launch of its website www.ortonheathlaw.com.

The website is designed to provide pertinent information about the Orton Heath Law Firm, while allowing for streamlined navigation and viewing. Future postings of newsworthy articles and information about topics relevant to the industries we serve can be found in the website section entitled, “News/Updates.”

About the Orton Heath Law Firm

The Orton Heath Law Firm provides business and legal strategy services and representation to individual and corporate clients, with a focus on medical devices/pharma/life sciences.

Meeting our clients’ expectations is our foremost priority. To do so, we work with clients to set short and long-term goals. We work with clients to establish project and/or representation timelines. We apprise clients of pertinent new information. We proactively communicate with clients to keep them informed.

About the Firm’s Founder

As a former manager, executive, and officer at Fortune 500s and mid-size companies, Lorrie Orton Heath has garnered significant experience within highly-regulated industry settings, including medical devices, capital equipment, information technology systems, and consumer food products. Lorrie has engaged and collaborated with diverse groups and individuals, such as corporate boards, C-suite executives, government advisory panels, physicians, hospital staff, engineers, scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

By serving in a general counsel role for her clients, Lorrie provides assessment of strategic business and legal needs. She advises across a wide range of important business concerns, including corporate strategy, commercial transactions, legal agreements, and prevention and risk management. Lorrie is also a certified master trainer and is qualified to provide comprehensive guidance on the development and implementation of corporate compliance programs.


Lorrie Orton Heath
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