Chicago Employment Attorney Timothy Coffey Weighs in on Ferrara Candy Company Accused of Racial Discrimination

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Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) February 12, 2016 – African American workers looking for employment with Ferrara Candy were allegedly routinely denied positions in the company’s Forest Park suburb plant and at the Oakbrook Terrance headquarters in the Chicago, Illinois, metro area.

Several workers filed a discrimination claim with the EEOC in 2012, and were issued a Notice of Right to Sue. The lawsuit claims Ferrara and the staffing agencies violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Internationally known for its Jaw Busters, Lemonheads, Red Hots and other assorted candies such as Atomic Fireballs, Brach’s, Chuckles and Trolli, Ferrara is now in the process of settling a class action suit alleging racial discrimination in their plant.

According to allegations in the statement of claim, Ferrara and two temporary-staffing companies that provided the company with labor have agreed to pay out $1.5 million to African-American workers for illegally denying them the chance to work.

In the settlement, Ferrara will pay $1 million and the two temporary-staffing companies, Remedial Environmental Manpower and Labor Power, will each pay $450,000 and $50,000 respectively. Each of the approximately 1,100 workers is to receive approximately $7,500.

The lawsuit claims that Remedial Environmental Manpower and Labor Power complied with a “discriminatory request from Ferrara to steer African American laborers away from Ferrara in favor of Latino laborers.” The aversion to hiring African-American workers was evident enough that protests were held at both company locations last year, decrying the illegality of denying workers jobs based on their racial origins.

“As is usual in cases like this, the companies are not admitting any liability or wrongdoing,” said Timothy Coffey, a respected Chicago employment attorney, not involved in this case. Coffey has extensive experience in dealing with issues such as this one.

One disturbing revelation that came to light during the settlement process came from an economist, Marc Bendick, who observed that racial discrimination in the area of temporary staffing is very prevalent but extremely hard to prove. “These settlements tend to be fairly rare — only a couple large ones every year around the country,” he said.

Racial discrimination is a serious and highly sensitive issue. “If you feel you are a victim of racial discrimination in your workplace, seek legal counsel from a competent employment attorney who can help you obtain justice and compensation,” said Coffey.

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