Lack of Immigration Policies and Enforcement Is Due to Absence of Political Leadership Indicates Immigration Attorney Annie Banerjee

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Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) June 1, 2016 – While the end may be in sight for presidential campaigning, immigration reform and border control continue to ignite controversy. It is the gift that keeps on fuelling political rhetoric, striking at the foundation of any progress made to date.

During the course of his campaign, Donald Trump virtually single-handedly struck fear into the hearts of millions of immigrants who had just become comfortable enough to come out of the shadows. If nothing else, everyone knows where he stands on immigration reform, and it is not in a good place.

While many Americans expected the presidential race to be controversial, they also thought the Democrats would speak up and out about immigration reform. That did not happen. They largely ignored immigration reform other than to reiterate that everyone was welcome in the United States.

Where is the middle of the road in this hot debate? There are those that think illegal immigrants do not want to preserve the American way, in terms of language, heritage, culture and so forth. And there are those that say America was built by immigrants and they must receive amnesty and the border must be open.

The one fact that is missed in the great how to deal with illegal immigrants debate is the fact that the immigrants who build America are legal. They entered the country legally, became part of various local communities and obtained legal citizenship. And therein lies the great conundrum of the century: legal immigrants versus illegal immigrants, and how does one become the other in such massive numbers? Is it fair? Ethical? Doable? Necessary?

A quick look at U.S. history reveals the reason why there are staggering numbers of third-world immigrants versus legal immigrants from developed countries. “In 1965, Congress passed the Immigration and Naturalization Act (1965). That act got rid of quotas and gave the nod to third-world immigrants,” said respected Houston immigration attorney Annie Banerjee.

What followed was millions of unskilled and uneducated immigrants arriving from under-developed countries. Then in 2009, there was an attempt to pass an immigration reform framework. Nothing came of it. What was the key stumbling block? It appears that when a nation faces the possibility of illegal immigrants who do not want to assimilate and insist on retaining their own culture and language there is the risk of creating separate but equal cultures that is untenable.

“And that brings us back to the thorny question of how to deal with immigration reform in a manner that integrates all newcomers. Are we well past that kind of solution? Is there a solution? Can truly equitable and fair immigration reform be achieved? The presidential election may show us the answer to that question,” said Banerjee. In the meantime, immigration reform remains a moving target.

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