Would Humor Hit Home in the War Against Texting While Driving?

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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) February 8, 2017 – Nebraska is piloting a new approach to get drivers to pay attention to highway safety messages. If it works, perhaps Texas might want to implement a similar approach.

Highway employees in Nebraska have come up with a novel approach to getting the attention of drivers — which may or may not be a good thing, since getting their attention also means they are driving distracted while looking at new safety messages. The new approach involves using humor and current pop culture references. Iowa and several other states have similar initiatives of bringing motorists safety tips while they are on the road.

One of Nebraska’s summer campaigns, posted on state message boards spanning I-80, read: “Don’t Pokemon and drive.” Not too many drivers would expect to see a gaming reference on their daily commute to work. More recently the latest message made reference to the newest Star Wars movie and told drivers, “Reckless driving is on the path to the dark side.” The safety messages are changed every Friday and have become fairly popular, not to mention memorable.

Keeping the messages fresh, relevant and trendy is likely to garner a driver’s attention faster than the standard safety message of “Don’t Drink and Drive.” Over time, the usual safety messages become a part of the roadside scenery. Therefore, when “creepy clowns” were making the headlines, the road crews in Nebraska put up a safety message that read: “Don’t be a clown, put the phone down.”

The goal of the safety messages is to promote positive behaviors among drivers. The messages on the information boards encourage seatbelt and signal use, and discourage texting while driving.

Although the roadside signs have a price tag of approximately $250,000, it appears they are effective in getting out memorable safety messages. “Something that might fly quite well in Texas,” said Austin DWI plaintiff attorney, Bobby Lee.

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