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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) June 7, 2017 – The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges he sustained injuries to his right hand while at work and holds his employer negligent for not providing him with tools and training necessary to work safely.

There are two named defendants in this workplace injury lawsuit, Automation Temporary Service and Alabama Metal Industries. The plaintiff, a metalworker, filed a complaint in Harris County District Court on February 27, 2017, alleging that insufficient precautions were taken at his workplace to avoid and prevent injuries. As a result of not providing adequate safety precautions, the statement of claim further suggests that the employer, Alabama Metal Industries, failed to adhere to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules and regulations.

According to documents filed in the case, the plaintiff alleges that while he was at work on October 24, 2015, he injured his right hand. As a result of the trauma, he suffered loss of earnings, incurred medical expenses, and endured mental and physical pain. Automation Temporary Service and Alabama Metal Industries are named defendants because they allegedly failed to furnish the basic equipment, provide required tools, or offer competent training and supervision to allow the plaintiff to perform his job safely.

Hand injuries may include damaged nerves, burns, skin disorders, cuts, fractures, strained muscles and tendons, and amputation. Many of these injuries, if not properly treated, may end a worker’s career.

Construction work is dangerous, even when workers are properly protected. “However, when a worker does not have the right safety gear, serious injuries or death may result,” said Austin workplace injury attorney, Brooks Schuelke, not involved in this case.

Every year, hundreds of construction workers are seriously injured or die because their employers did not provide the person protective equipment and the proper safety gear. According to a study done under the auspices of the Center for Construction Research and Training, a construction worker has a one-in-200 chance of dying from a work related injury during a 45-year career. For further information on injuries, accidents and deaths in the construction industry, visit the website of the Center for Construction Research and Training.

“It’s vitally important that employers ensure workers have the right kind of protective gear in order to do their jobs safely,” added Schuelke. A workplace employer has a legal duty to ensure a safe worksite that is free and clear of hazards and to equip workers with the right tools and training. Failure to offer the basics jeopardizes worker’s lives and may result in preventable accidents or death.

“Some employers do cut corners by not offering the right kind of equipment,” commented attorney Schuelke, “and if you have been injured on a jobsite where you were not provided with the proper safety gear or proper training, you can talk to me to find out your legal rights.”

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