New Jersey Woman Awarded 1.6 Million Dollars for Spinal Surgery Caused by Rear End Crash

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Pennsauken, NJ (Law Firm Newswire) June 18, 2019 – A New Jersey woman has recently been awarded a $1.6 million jury verdict due to injuries she sustained in a rear end automobile accident. The collision occurred in 2013 when a negligent driver crashed into the rear of the plaintiff’s vehicle. Despite the relatively minor damage to the vehicles, the impact nonetheless caused the plaintiff significant injuries, requiring treatment for years and culminating in surgery to her cervical spine.

The plaintiff was represented by the attorneys at Petrillo & Goldberg Law, with offices throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Attorney Scott M. Goldberg, one of the partners at the firm and a certified civil trial attorney in New Jersey, was the lead attorney in the litigation. Attorney Goldberg stated, “Even what appear to be minor car accidents can still have a jarring impact on people inside the vehicle being struck. Our client was severely injured in her neck when she was struck hard from behind. She has suffered from these injuries for years. We took on the case to help her through this time and to get the compensation she deserved.”

After the crash, the plaintiff sought conservative, non-invasive treatment for over four years. This treatment included medications, physical restrictions on her movement and physical restrictions on her ability to work full time. It also included a significant amount of physical therapy as well as steroid injections in her cervical spine. When all of these treatment modalities did not work, her treating physicians suggested a cervical spine fusion where the damaged discs are removed from her cervical spine and the vertebrae are fused with bone, attempting to strengthen the area. After significant rehabilitation with physical therapy, the plaintiff recovered to the point where she could return to full time work without physical restrictions.

Attorney Goldberg stated that, “As with all our cases, this was a team effort. In the end we were gratified that the jury awarded such a tremendous verdict to our very deserving client.”

Ultimately, the plaintiff prevailed and was awarded $1.6 million to compensate her for the economic damages as well as the significant pain and suffering she endured. Attorney Goldberg wants the general public to understand that, “Even if the impact does not seem that significant, if you are injured in a car or truck crash, get treatment just in case your injuries are more serious than you realize.”

The attorneys and staff at Petrillo & Goldberg fight for their clients and win even difficult cases. They do not give up trying to make sure their injured clients are fully and fairly compensated for their injuries. Injured in a car or truck crash? Please contact the attorneys at Petrillo & Goldberg for a free consultation at (856) 486-4343.

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