Student in School Bus Hospitalized After Crash With Tractor-Trailer

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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) June 24, 2019 – In September 2018, an 8-year-old student was injured in a school bus crash with an overturned semi-truck. The accident occurred on State Road 60 in Plant City, Florida at the intersection of Horton Road.

The crash was caused by the Hillsborough County School District bus driver pulling in front of the truck causing the tractor-trailer to overturn. The bus driver then failed to stop in time, crashing into the semi-truck.

The student, who attends Knights Elementary School, was transported to the hospital for treatment. The boy was the only student on the bus at the time. It was reported that the injuries were not life-threatening in nature but were serious enough that the student needed to be hospitalized.

A statement issued by the Hillsborough County School District indicated that the bus driver was issued a citation for pulling in front of the truck and causing the accident. Another vehicle was also damaged in the incident as it had to swerve on to the shoulder of the road to avoid the crash site. The Florida State Police had to divert traffic and close down all eastbound lanes of State Road 60 for several hours.

Under Florida law, after January of 2001, school districts were required to have seat belts installed in their busses. Tampa truck accident lawyer Robert T. Joyce, Esquire was quoted about the accident, “Florida’s school bus seat belt law exempts from liability the school district or bus driver for any personal injuries that might occur if a student fails to use a seat belt that was properly installed on the bus.”

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