Longer Drives Increase Risks With Uber, Lyft

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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) July 15, 2019 – Uber and Lyft drivers travel nearly three miles between fares, which increases the distance traveled and number of potential accidents for drivers at the ride-hailing services. Increased risk of accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers means more accident victims and higher accident related costs across the United States.

A new study shows Uber and Lyft drivers travel an average 2.8 miles between fares. That is much more than taxi cab drivers, who often pick up fares at or near the same locations where they drop other prior passengers. With a ride-hailing service, like Lyft or Uber, passengers use mobile technology to hail rides from Lyft, Uber and other ride-hailing services. That adds up to a lot of additional mileage for ride-hailing drivers to undertake.

Those additional miles driven mean more opportunities for accidents. A soon-to-be-published research study by University of Chicago and Rice University professors shows those additional miles increase fatal accidents by up to three percent in U.S. cities. That percentage does not include injury accidents or accidents that result in property damage, which means even more Lyft and Uber drivers are involved in accidents that cause financial losses.

“Lyft, Uber and other ride-hailing services do not provide the same protections for passengers and victims of car accidents as cab companies, and that means trouble for accident victims,” said experienced car accident attorney Robert T. Joyce Said. “When involved in an accident with a Lyft driver or other ride-hailing service, it helps to have legal representation to ensure maximum compensation for medical and other costs.”

Lyft and Uber help people get around for less money than when using taxi cabs, but the related costs from additional car accidents puts the general population at risk. An experienced car accident attorney can help hold responsible parties liable.

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