Parking Lot Accidents on the Rise

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Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) July 24, 2019 – Recent data shows that accidents in parking lots are increasing in both frequency and severity. This is also true in the Tampa Bay area.

In fact, last year, Florida saw 32 fatal accidents in parking lots. Around 7,000 people reported injuries. In Tampa Bay, these accidents were up 16 percent with 5,600 reported incidents, more than accidents involving alcohol, motorcycles and pedestrians combined.

Those numbers are startling. The majority of these accidents occurred at the International Mall in Tampa and Tampa International Airport.

“Distracted driving may account for much of the increase in parking lot accidents,” says personal injury attorney Robert Joyce of Joyce and Reyes. “Simply because you are in a parking lot does not mean that the general rules of the road stop being relevant. It is important to always stay alert.”

The National Safety Council found that 66 percent of drivers nationwide admit to making phone calls while driving in parking lots and 56 percent admit to texting. Around half of people surveyed say they compose and read their emails, take photos and watch videos while they are driving in parking lots. The dangers distracted driving have been have been discussed since cellphones became the norm.

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