USCIS Requests 1.2 Billion in Emergency Funding from Congress

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Ridgewood, NJ (Law Firm Newswire) June 15, 2020 – USCIS recently requested $1.2 billion in emergency funding from Congress to address a massive budget shortfall that is threatening the agency’s operations and the financial wellbeing of thousands of employees who face potential furloughs and layoffs across the country. Although USCIS claims that its budget shortfall is caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in reality, the agency’s shortfall is largely due to its own fiscal mismanagement and counterproductive policies.

David Nachman, one of the Managing Immigration & Nationality Lawyers at the NPZ Law Group states: “We have been working with various social, political and religious organizations that have been calling on Congress to use oversight authority to hold USCIS accountable for its inefficient and costly policies and return the agency to its statutory mission before handing over any emergency funding”.