Lipsky Lowe Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Equinox

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New York, NY (Law Firm Newswire) June 15, 2020 – Lipsky Lowe LLP, a premier New York-based employment practice is representing two former employees of Equinox Fitness Club in a gender discrimination lawsuit.

The complaint alleges that Equinox’s hostility towards moms and would-be mothers resulted in Equinox discriminating against its former employees: Alison Sadel and Megan DiDomenico. Equinox discriminated against them by not promoting them because they were pregnant and mothers. It also discriminated against Ms. Sadel by compensating her less than her male colleague even though she performed similar duties requiring the same skill, effort and responsibility.

The plaintiffs’ claims of familial status and caregiver discrimination are violations of the New York State Human Rights Law and the New York City Human Rights Law, respectively. Ms. Sadel also alleges violations of the New York Labor Law, as amended by the Women’s Equality Act.

The complaint notes that Equinox projects an image of championing female empowerment and celebrating diversity. Because of this image, women who work at Equinox believe the company will support them when they are pregnant and when they become mothers.

But the reality is just the opposite of Equinox’s image. Equinox management regularly expresses hostility towards would-be moms and moms and communicates the message that you cannot be both a mom and successful at Equinox. Equinox management goes so far to take a paternalistic role, telling moms and would-be moms what they think is best for them, versus treating them the same way they treat other employees.

Attorney Douglas Lipsky told the New York Post, “When the company learns you are pregnant or a mom, it pulls the cord on your treadmill.”
Plaintiffs are seeking all available remedies under the law, including back pay, front pay, lost benefits, compensatory damages (e.g. pain and suffering, anxiety, humiliation, loss of enjoyment of life, physical injury and emotional distress, and medical expenses), punitive and liquidated damages.

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