Union County Motorcycle Accident Results in $800,000 Dollar Settlement

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Denville, NJ (Law Firm Newswire) June 2, 2021 – In a recent settlement, Founding Partner, Todd J. Leonard, Esq., of the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, successfully settled a motorcycle accident case. A Springfield woman, in her early twenties, was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle, which was struck by a motorist turning left in front of the motorcycle in Bridgewater, New Jersey. The woman sustained serious injuries to her hip and left leg and ultimately required an open reduction and internal fixation for her extensive fractures. As a result of this accident, she also has permanent scarring.

Attorney Leonard handled the case and successfully settled it during mediation for a total sum of $800,000. Attorney Leonard explained, “Motorcycle accidents can result in very serious injuries, and this case highlights just how difficult recovery is for those who have been hurt. Her injuries, particularly the scarring, are permanent, and it is a long road to recovery.”  

In cases such as this, negligence needs to be proven to bring a case to a successful conclusion. To prove negligence, a plaintiff must show that the defendant owed them a legal duty of care, such as a motorist owing a duty of care to other drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians. There must be a breach of the duty of care by the driver failing to take care, such as turning left in front of a motorcyclist. There must also be causation to indicate that the defendant’s breach of duty of care resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries. There are two types of causation: proximate cause and cause in fact. Cause in fact is determining whether the negligent act cited in a claim was the actual cause of a plaintiff’s injuries. Proximate cause is based on whether or not the defendant could have reasonably foreseen that actions they engaged in could result in someone being injured. There must also be damages, meaning there was a loss or damage caused by the defendant’s breach of the duty of care.

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