JCD Distribution Inc. Charged with Selling Ineffective COVID-19 Air Sanitizer

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New York, NY(Law Firm Newswire) September 27, 2021 – Po Shan Wong and Zhen Wu of JCD Distribution Inc. were charged on a criminal complaint with selling an ineffective COVID-19 air sanitizer in the form of “Virus Shut Out Cards.” These items were marketed as air sanitizers that would kill COVID-19. The cards were not effective in preventing or treating the virus.
Specifically, the defendants were charged with conspiring to sell and distribute one or more pesticides not registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Additionally, the cards were said to be misbranded or adulterated.
According to the facts of the case, for three months in 2020, the defendants advertised and sold “Virus Shut Out Cards” while making various claims about how effectively they dealt with COVID-19.
The marketing material alleged the cards emitted chlorine dioxide, serving as “portable space disinfection and sterilization cards” with a 99 percent sterilization rate. Chlorine dioxide is a gas, pesticide, and bleaching agent. The cards were sold in minimum quantities of 50, at $9.50 per card.
The EPA tested random samples of the cards and discovered they contained sodium chlorite in amounts that would convert into chlorine dioxide if exposed to water vapor and carbon dioxide in the air.
Breathing chlorine dioxide saturated air can cause nose, throat, lung irritation, difficulty breathing, chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath and other respiratory issues. Products containing chlorine dioxide have not been demonstrated to be effective in treating or preventing COVID-19.
The case went to court recently, and with the assistance of Peter Brill of the Brill Legal Group, it was dismissed without prejudice against the defendant Zhen Wu. Dismissed without prejudice means the plaintiff, in this instance, the government, is free to bring another suit based on the same grounds, though the government almost never files new charges after a case like this has been dismissed. 
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