Introducing LFN AI Press Release Generator: Revolutionizing Legal Writing

LFN's Press Release Writing Robot

As a lawyer, you understand the importance of effective communication and the power of a well-crafted press release. It can shape public perception, attract clients, and highlight your firm’s accomplishments. But let’s face it, writing a compelling press release can be time-consuming. Plus, if you are drafting a release about a legal settlement or a complex case, your marketing personnel will have to invest a lot of time into researching the case and translating it for the general public. That’s where Law Firm Newswire’s (LFN) AI press release generator comes in, revolutionizing the way law firms create impactful press releases.

LFN’s AI press release generator is specifically trained to write legal press releases. Whether you need a basic announcement or a more complex press release relating to court rulings, settlement agreements, or intricate legal matters, the AI writer has got you covered. Its capabilities allow you to produce press releases with ease and efficiency, saving you valuable time and effort.

Accessing the AI Writer is simple. Just login to your LFN account and locate the AI Writer tool in your dashboard, right next to the LFN icon. Click on “AI News Writer” to launch the writing tool, and you’re ready to get started.


Generating an AI press release for your law firm is a breeze. Begin by typing in your law firm’s name, location, and a topic. For instance, let’s say you recently won a lawsuit against Acme, Inc. In just 1-2 sentences, provide the necessary details, and hit submit. The AI writer will then display the output below the submit button. Be patient, as it may take several seconds for the AI writer to generate your press release.

LFN AI press release generator inputs

If you’re looking to refine the press release further, click on “Go to chat” to access the chatbot feature. Upon entering the chat, you will see a prompt asking, “What do you want to talk about?” Here’s where the real magic happens.

You have the freedom to modify your press release to make it perfect. The chatbot interface allows you to engage with the AI writer and request specific changes. For example, you can ask the chatbot to change the title to something more compelling, resulting in a captivating headline that catches the reader’s attention. Alternatively, you can request a rewrite of the press release to include additional details, such as a quote or an interesting anecdote.

Let’s say you decide to change the title to emphasize the significance of your victory against Acme, Inc. The chatbot could transform it into a headline like this: “Smith & Smith Law Group wins $20 Million lawsuit against Acme, Inc. for selling rocket-powered rollerblades that caused serious injuries: A Wake-Up Call for Companies to Prioritize Safety Over Profits.”

LFN Chatbot

Furthermore, you can instruct the chatbot to include specific information within the press release. In our example, you might want to highlight that the victory was partly due to the compelling testimony of Wile E. Coyote, whose severe injuries required him to testify from a rehab center. The chatbot will then rewrite the press release, seamlessly incorporating these details.

Save and Publish Later

You can work on your AI-generated press release and then save it in your LFN dashboard. When ready, simply copy it over to the press release submission tab and Make the News!

It’s free to use. Just sign into your LFN account to test it out.