MarketWatch Will No Longer Publish Press Releases


Law Firm Newswire has been notified that MarketWatch, which was included in the Primetime press release distribution level, will no longer accept press releases from any publishers. The decision was unexpected. After the week of June 19, 2023, no press release distribution service will be able to publish press releases on MarketWatch.

Existing press releases that are already published on are reportedly going to stay on the site for 90 days.

What does that mean for Law Firm Newswire clients? Fortunately, we are always expanding our network. In fact, we expect to have Digital Journal and Benzinga in our distribution network by July 1st as well as other legal-focused websites and news apps.

MarketWatch was a great addition to our network and one of our many premium publishers. We are committed to building the most influential network for lawyers so anytime there is a policy change like this with one of our publishers, you can be assured that we’ll respond by adding new publishers that will power our mission which is helping your law firm Make the News.