Erlich Law Firm Files Lawsuit Against Southwest Airlines

Southwest, a major international airline, instituted a policy in 2019 that effectively penalizes its flight attendants’ exercise of family and medical leave. Under the policy, a flight attendant who would otherwise be entitled to a reduction in disciplinary points is not given the reduction if she took medical or family leave. This policy plainly violates federal and California state law.

As a result of the policy, Roreste Refuerzo was terminated. He brings this class action seeking damages on behalf of other Southwest flight attendants who were terminated by Southwest as a consequence of Defendant’s penalization of protected leave. Moreover, Mr. Refuerzo seeks injunctive relief on behalf of all Southwest flight attendants affected by the policy.

Finally, Mr. Refuerzo brings individual claims to redress his own unlawful termination.

Roreste Refuerzo vs. Southwest Airlines Co.

Court: United States District Court Northern District of California
Case: 3:22-cv-00868-JSC

Roreste Refuerzo vs. Southwest Airlines Co.


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