Removing a Press Release from Law Firm Newswire

Law Firm Newswire's Users are responsible for all content published by their law firms or organizations. If you or someone you represent is mentioned in a press release or Casewire announcement and would like to have the content removed from Law Firm Newswire or a Law Firm Newswire-managed site, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Contact the Business or Law Firm that Posted the Press Release

At the bottom of each press release, there will be a law firm or business listed along with contact information that may include an address, phone number, and/or email. Contact the organization responsible for the press release and ask them to remove it using the removal tool located in their LFN dashboard. You can use the template below in your email or letter.

Dear [First Name],

I am or represent [person or company] which is mentioned in an article you published through Law Firm Newswire.

The article is located at

[Reason for requesting removal.]

Please login to your Law Firm Newswire account at and go to "Removals" in the left menu of your dashboard to remove the article above.


Reasons for Removal

When requesting that content be removed, you should list a valid reason. Examples include:

  • Inaccurate representation of an event.
  • The case has been settled or otherwise resolved.
  • The claims made in the article are no longer relevant due to the age of the press release or Casewire announcement.

Step 2: Wait 14 days

To allow for vacations, trials, and other events that may prevent a User from immediately responding, please allow 14 days for a response.

Step 3: Use the form below

If you have contacted the original publisher and 14 days have passed without a response, you may use the form below to request removal. Law Firm Newswire will attempt to contact the original publisher to get authorization for removal.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
List the phone number, email address, or mailing address you used when contacting the publisher of the content you want removed.