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| | February 2, 2023

Anglican Watch Denounces Biased Policing in Alexandria Va.

Alexandria, VA, February 02, 2023 (Law Firm Newswire) Amid concerns about the conduct of police officers nationwide, Anglican Watch, the unofficial watchdog publication for the Episcopal Church, has condemned the City of Alexandria, Virginia, police department for biased policing. The…


| | September 9, 2021

Episcopal Priest Robert Malm Again Sued in Massachusetts

Wareham, MA (Law Firm Newswire) September 9, 2021 – Episcopal priest Robert H. Malm, interim rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal on-the-Canal in Bourne, is again being sued in the Wareham District Court. The move comes after the court found that…

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| | August 31, 2021

Episcopal Priest Robert H. Malm’s Attorney Tries to Prevent Criminal Investigation

Alexandria, VA (Law Firm Newswire) August 31, 2021 – An attorney for Episcopal priest Robert H. Malm is attempting to interfere with police investigations of his client. That’s the complaint of Eric Bonetti, plaintiff in a series of lawsuits that…

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