Law Firm Marketing Company Applauds Google Panda 2 in Spite of SEO Consequences




Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) June 24, 2011 – As many experts and professionals in the search engine marketing industry examine the aftermath of Google’s latest (suspected by not verified) update, Panda 2.2, law firm marketing company SEO | Law Firm believes that it is for the better.

The legal marketing arm of Adviatech has been watching with anticipation to see how their clients’ websites might react to the change, not so much over concern of ranking decreases but rather hopes of increases. Just as the Google Panda updates in February moved low quality sites down, higher quality websites moved up to take their place.

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Law firm marketing company, SEO | Law Firm sees Google Panda updates as an opportunity for content publishing to evolve.

In April, CNET reported that websites like WikiHow and eHow were most negatively effected by the change. The update is targeting websites known as “scrapers” and sites that predominately have plagiarized or copied content.

Jason Bland of SEO | Law Firm commented today saying, “The general consensus in our organization is that it is for the better. Law firms should not be posting duplicate content on their websites and most certainly should not be plagiarizing articles. With these two givens, these updates have not and should not have a negative effect on our clients’ rankings in Google search.”

This is not the first time the Adviatech holding has sided with the search engine giant over a considerable change that affects rankings. In October of 2010, the law firm marketing company openly endorsed the combined display of Google Places and search engine rankings.

Bland continued, “From day one we have believed that content and links by content are the only true ways to improve the search engine placement of a law firm’s website. On multiple occasions, we have talked to our clients about the importance of unique content. And when we see our clients’ rankings move upward while a competing law firm’s site moves down due to them copying hundreds of news articles and pasting them into their blog, it reinforces the value of what we do for the attorneys that trust us with their online marketing.”

SEO | Law Firm believes that the process of content creation and distribution is soon to evolve. As Google changes the way it looks at various content heavy websites, it is going to become more important to dedicate resources to creating unique content and publishing that content on higher end niche websites.

Next Tuesday, the company is hosting a private Idea Summit with six of their managers and team members to discuss the expansion of SEO | Law Firm. The employees will spend their day at The Tampa Club in downtown Tampa exchanging ideas and working on new products and services to be released this fall. A discussion of Google Panda is certainly on the agenda.

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