Connect Your Firm to the Story

Woman reading newspaper in the morning

If your law firm is writing a press release to comment on a popular story, current event, or high-profile case, make sure you connect your firm to the story.

Let’s say there is a high-profile divorce in your city or state and you want to comment on it. Rather than writing a press release such as, “Local NFL player entangled in custody battle,” the press release should be about an increase in similar custody battles and your firm’s perspective on this trend.

The difference is subtle, but noticeable to news publishers. If our fictional NFL player is facing a full custody battle wherein his spouse does not want him to have any custody rights, the press release could be about an increase in similar cases in your state, and then reference the high-profile divorce as an example.

You can also use popular stories to outline a growing problem. A hospital being sued for medical malpractice might provide a good opportunity for a malpractice attorney to comment. Rather than releasing a story about the hospital’s lawsuit, the story could be drafted in a manner like, “Lawsuit against local hospital highlights growing number of birth injury claims.”

Always give a quote from an attorney with your firm and clearly state whether or not your law firm is involved in the case. Providing commentary or popular stories is a great way to get exposure for your firm.