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| | March 27, 2023

Dr. Scott Mimms, Former Indiana University School of Medicine Graduate, Faces Over 15 Medical Malpractice Claims

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Scott E. Mimms, MD, is an Indiana University School of Medicine graduate. For several years, Dr. Mimms practiced medicine with Advanced Surgery of Indiana in Indianapolis, focusing on cosmetic surgeries and procedures.  Now, Dr. Mimms also faces…

Tabor Law Firm

| March 27, 2023

Fullman Firm Announces Debt Relief Scholarship Winner

Fullman Firm is pleased to announce we have awarded the Debt Relief Scholarship for Spring 2023 to Magali Reyes, a student at West Coast University.

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| | March 24, 2023

Breaking: Kristine Barnett’s Neglect Charges Dismissed

Indianapolis, Indiana IN LAFAYETTE — The media frenzy around Kristine Barnett’s criminal neglect of a dependent began in September 2019 and culminated on Friday with a simple motion to dismiss. The State of Indiana of Indiana, represented by Prosecuting Attorney…

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| | March 23, 2023

Berkley Oliver Launches Vlogs on Website and YouTube

What is a vlog? Much like a blog, or weblog, a vlog is a video log. Berkley Oliver’s series of vlogs will inform clients new and old about estate planning options to achieve their financial objectives.

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| March 14, 2023

New Breakthrough Research for PTSD Shows Early Promising Results

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common afflictions military service personnel incur while on active duty. Ongoing research to help treat PTSD makes slow progress each year. The latest potential breakthrough is combining ketamine and psychotherapy. While…

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| | March 13, 2023

Lee Floyd Named to Leadership Role in National Hair Relaxer Mass Tort Litigation

As a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, Lee’s role will be to effectively and efficiently represent the common interests of all MDL plaintiffs.

Lee Adair Floyd