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| April 13, 2015

White House Asks Appeals Court for Stay of Judge’s Injunction on Immigration Reforms

Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) April 13, 2015 – The Obama administration has upped legal ante in the wake of friction over its revelation on extended work permits. President Obama’s executive action on immigration has been on hold since a…

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| | April 11, 2015

Plaintiffs Suing Texas Lottery Operator Now Number Nearly 1,000 Seeking Over Five Million Dollars

Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) April 10, 2015 – The legal case against GTECH Corporation, the operator of the Texas Lottery, entered another phase on April 7 when the plaintiffs, who filed a lawsuit in December 2014, filed a second…

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| | April 1, 2015

After Potential Acquiring Business Turns Look-Alike Competitor, Sensor Technology Firm Wins $58.7 Million Verdict

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) April 1, 2015 – A federal jury in Texas has returned a $58.7 million verdict for a technology firm in a business lawsuit. After a four-week trial in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern…

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| | March 23, 2015

Texas Appeals Court Affirms Dismissal of Oil and Gas Royalty Suit Over Failure to Add Neighboring Landowners

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) March 23, 2015 – A Texas appeals court has ruled on an oil and gas royalty lawsuit, stating that the trial court did not abuse its discretion by dismissing a landowner’s lawsuit against a subsidiary…

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| March 18, 2015

Obama Administration Appeals Judge’s Move to Block Executive Action on Immigration

Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) March 18, 2015 – The Justice Department is arguing that the Texas judge’s ruling violates constitutional separation of powers. On February 16, a federal judge in Texas ruled that President Obama’s executive action on immigration…

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| March 12, 2015

How Does a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder Factor Into Driving Laws?

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) March 12, 2015 – Distracted driving usually focuses on using a mobile device while behind the wheel. But it also encompasses other activities, including eating and driving. According to news and police reports, one Alabama…

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