Google Alerts will Help You Discover Interesting News Topics

Woman looking for ideas for a news release online

Press release topics by their nature must be timely and interesting. Traditional press releases are neither interesting nor exciting and are made for a wire service, not for internet distribution. An online news release is going directly to your target audience while reaching out to journalists as well. Therefore, you should write a news article that speaks directly to your future clients.

So, what qualifies as interesting? That depends on the day. One way to uncover what others are searching for and writing about is to subscribe to a Google Alert for keywords that relate to your practice area. Every day, Google will email you a list of new websites, blogs, and news stories that relate to your practice area.

This may give you insight into exciting topics that are trending online. It also may inspire you to write a release comparing a situation that is occurring in another state to something with which your firm has first-hand experience.

Timely press releases based on topics that are relevant and interesting right now will enjoy more readers and wider distribution. Be interesting and talk directly to your target reader to get the most out of your law firm’s news releases.