Use Keywords When Making an Announcement

Lawyer making an announcement to his team of attorneys

Using keywords in your press release will help you attract a targeted audience of readers. When publishing press releases about standard announcements, do not miss opportunities to use keyphrases.

The most common announcement is the addition of a new attorney to a law firm. Most firms may at first be inclined to write a press release title such as:

John A. Doe Joins the Smith & Smith Law Firm

But who is John A. Doe and what does Smith & Smith do? Keeping in mind that you have about 10-12 words that you can place in a title before Google News abbreviates it, describe either the new attorney or the law firm.

For example, our fictional law firm of Smith & Smith could be a personal injury firm in Seattle. So a keyword-rich title may be:

Seattle Personal Injury Law Firm, Smith & Smith Welcomes John A. Doe

At 12 words, this title will appear in Google News in its entirety. Another way to squeeze in a keyword would be:

Seattle Personal Injury Attorney John A. Doe Joins Smith & Smith

At 11 words, that title also would fully display in Google News.

Just because your law firm is sending out a standard announcement-style press release such as introducing a new staff member, touting a successful case, or announcing a new office location, that does not mean you cannot use keywords to expand your readership.