Make Your News About the Readers

Senior couple reading interesting news on their laptop

Your law firm wants to ensure that its marketing dollars are spent reaching as many people as possible. A lot of money goes into relevant, quality links and intelligent search engine optimization (SEO). Every person who reads an article on your firm’s website is a potential client. So, how can you best turn those readers into viable clients?

The answer isn’t fancy. Law firm marketing is as much about quality content as it is about any other ranking factor. The more interesting your writing, the more readers will be drawn to it, and the more search engines will see it as quality, relevant content worth showing in results listings.

So, you may think, I’m writing a news release, of course it is about my law firm. It’s news! At its core, this is true. Your news release will be about something your firm is doing or a subject of topical interest that connects with your firm’s area(s) of practice.

Beyond that, the press release — or any marketing content — must focus on the reader. Specifically, it must address why the news matters to the reader.

This is like the difference between selling features and benefits. Yes, a consumer may be interested in features. But they make purchasing decisions based on how those features provide a tangible benefit to their lives.

You can practice writing from the perspective of your readers on any topic. For example, if your firm is hiring a new attorney, you may want to make an announcement. The announcement will include information about the attorney and the expansion — the features.

Once you have explained the what — a new team member — you can explain why that matters. This person may focus on an area of law that is underserved in your area, or they may add a perspective that will help specific types of clients. The benefit may be as simple as being able to help more people with the addition of a new attorney.

Google’s algorithms change constantly, but its focus on quality content has remained consistent for over a decade.

Interesting news release stories attract readers; interested readers return to your site to see what else you have to offer. Offer a great read, and your interested audience is likely to call your law firm on the day they find themselves in need of legal advice.