Using News Releases to Improve Your Social Following

Group of young people using social media

Online press releases give you the power to place your law firm’s name on hundreds of news sites and on thousands of blogs, speaking directly to your target audience. But the goal of news releases isn’t always about short-term lead building. News releases can also be used to build your social following.

Building a social media following is a tough task for a law firm. By its nature social media rewards celebrity, sensation and even flat-out falsehoods, none of which are appropriate for a serious law firm. However, the task is not impossible. Here are some tips.

First, offer something. You could give away something relevant to your practice. A book, a subscribers-only podcast episode or anything that will be of value to your target clientele.

Next, write a press release. A business law firm could give away an iPad by selecting one Facebook fan each month or each quarter. The news release could be “Los Angeles Business Attorneys Gives Away iPads on Facebook.”

Your press release would then explain the details and link to your Facebook page. Each time an iPad is given away, you will announce it on all social media platforms and also use that as another opportunity to send out a press release.

Giving away items or services can help build a following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Press releases offer a unique way to market your law firm and encourage more social interaction.