We’ve upgraded the LFN AI press release writer and it’s fast

Fast AI Bot

Earlier this year, we launched the Law Firm Newswire AI press release writer trained specifically for law firms like yours. Today, we’ve launched the latest version with an emphasis on speed and accuracy.

What’s different?

The new AI press release writer is faster and types outputs in real-time rather than making you wait to see what direction the press release is going.

AI Press release writer

A more advanced AI engine under the hood

The new upgrade is built using the processing power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4. Previous versions of Law Firm Newswire’s AI press release writer used the Divinici model and most recently, ChatGPT-3.5.

Did we mention it was faster?

The AI writer is blazing fast! It generates press releases 50% faster than the previous version without sacrificing accuracy.

Give it a try by signing up for a free Law Firm Newswire account or login if you’re already a user.